Is the Internet making us lose reason?

Jamie Bartlett wrote ‘The People versus Tech – how the internet is killing democracy’. I spoke to him on my show on LoveSport Radio.

We don’t need another Grenfell

After Grenfell, there has to be a fundamental question about the quality and availability of social housing.

Survey – some Muslims are as Homophobic as Devout Catholics

Channel 4s programme, What Muslims Really Think, seems to be based on a survey asking very leading questions.

The Pokie Tax Won’t Work or It Will, You Can’t Have it Both Ways

There’s a fierce debate about how much poker machine reforms will hurt the clubs. There’s no doubt they’ll take a pummelling, but then we have to look at how serious we are about fixing the problem.

Crime and Punishment: Deterrents Work

The UK PrimeMinister, David Cameron, has asked for harsher sentences to fight crime — if Australia is anything to go by, he might have a point.

What Australia Can Learn From Tottenham

There is something startlingly predictable about last weekend’s riots in the UK. The only surprise is that they didn’t happen sooner.

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