Start IT up: ScriptRock

With businesses using a multitude of systems, configuration testing has become increasingly complicated. ScriptRock aims to simplify the issue.

Start IT Up: Ninja Blocks

A Sydney-based start-up wants to help connect the Internet to all things – are they on the right track?

Start IT up: GiggedIn

GiggedIn is an online tool that brings together musicians, venues, and audiences. It’s a great ideal, but will it make a great business?

Start IT up: Posse

Posse is a startup website that enables you to share your favourite places with friends. But it’s much more than that; it claims to be the world’s first social search engine.

Start IT up: Roamz

What’s the hip and happening place in your neighbourhood? Roamz aims to help you find out, but will the idea really take off?

Start IT up: Chargebar

Smartphones make life difficult when the battery runs out. Thankfully, there’s a start-up business that has a fix for the problem.

Start IT up: Wooboard

Everyone likes some praise at work. Here’s an app that puts some order behind peer recognition.

Start IT up: Pygg

Pygg makes it easy to pay for lunch. But will the idea pay enough for investors?

Start IT up: Coachy

Do you think that a company specialising in online video coaching sessions will succeed?

Multicasting in a unicast world

If we’re all watching on-demand videos, should we care how expensive NBN Co’s multicast product is?

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