What am I up to?

November 2018

I’m having a bit of a hiatus at the end of the year that’s seen me broadcasting on three radio stations. I’d love to find a permanent daily slot that could still enable me to continue my podcast work – I get a real buzz from live radio. It’s what I am meant to do.

My daily Morning Call podcast continues, going from strength to strength. I’m also presenting the weekly Debunking Economics podcast with Prof Steve Keen, which is always an entertaining conversation. There’s a few other clients that I do bits of podcast work for too.

I’ve just revamped this website at loudmouthcomms.com. The idea is, this is the place containing a repository of all my work (well a lot of it anyway) and loudmouth is my company site, promoting myself to prospective clients.

I’m thinking of kickstarting Balls Radio again, my weekly podcast where I prattle on about the news. Not having an outlet for my opinions means they bottle up inside me, which isn’t good for my health.

I’m trying to find the time to write my book. It’s a big improvement on my first attempt I think, so I am expecting a big Hollywood movie deal to change our living standards substantially. I just need to get past chapter 3 first, but I have it all mapped out and I am, unusually, doing stuff like character development this time round.

I’d like to get into independent radio production. I don’t think it pays too well, but I’d love to get behind projects that create content that makes you think – for Radio 4 or the World Service.

Other than that, it’s school runs, occasional nights out and preparing to cope with a long English winter, when daylight is a rare commodity. 

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