Powell wants time to heal

On Friday Jerome Powell says its time to taper, but not raise rates. The labour market needs time to heal, he said. Meanwhile, NAB’s Ray Attrill says positive PMIs at the end of the week show whilst we have inflation, there’s no sign of stagnation.

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Commodities down, but inflation fears stay high

Bond markets have been bitten by the inflation bug, says NAB’s David de Garis, with bond yields pricing in a 5 year average close to 3% for the US, and over 4% for the UK.

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The inflation debate heats up

NAB’s David de Garis says the Fed Beige Book today reports on how many businesses say customers can cope with increased prices. So does that mean inflation will be transitory? Everyone has their own idea!

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Earnings anything but a damp squid

NAB’s Ray Attrill says the US dollar is being kept in check as investors see other central banks moving faster than the Fed. Like the BoE for example, but will they live to regret it?

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Inflation and slowdowns. Isn’t there a word for that?

Inflation concerns are rising, pushing yields higher, whilst China is showing signs of a significant slowdown. NAB’s Rodrigo Catril says the big question is, is it a blip or something more fundamental?

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The energy crunch

Energy prices are going through the roof and usage is slipping away from renewables. I ask @profstevekeen, is this the time to nationalise power?

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Random Stuff

NBN Bill passed, now for the loopholes

This week MPs stayed back from holiday to pass two NBN Bills, including amendments passed from the Senate. It says a lot, but misses out even more.

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Top 40 Business Tips #32: Outsource and Crowdsource

Outsourcing makes sense in lots of ways – but now crowd sourcing provides a whole new way to resolve your problems.

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A cheaper way to roll out faster broadband

Peter Cochrane, a veteran of BT, says there’s a better option than fibre to the node – that will get us all the way faster.

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