Has China fallen out of love with Aussie iron ore?

When iron ore prices were rising currency markets largely ignored it. Now it’s falling, the Aussie dollar is more susceptible says NAB’s Ray Attrill. So how low will it go?

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Why no Marxist revolution?

This week @profstevekeen explains why a revolution never really happened in the way Marx prescribed, but how it could when workers fight for their part of a shrinking global economy.

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US GDP was better than it looks

Friday 30th July 2021 Markets have had a chance to absorb the dovish sentiment from the Fed yesterday and take stock of mixed data overnight. On the surface US GDP numbers looked weaker than anticipated, but a chunk of that was influenced by lower inventory and trade numbers. NAB’s...

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Markets turn as Powell reaffirms ‘some way to go’

The FOMC statement this morning had little market response, but NAB’s David de Garis says there has been a sharper reaction to words from Jerome Powell in the press conference that followed.

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Rocky road for China investors

Tensions with China are seeing contagion from stocks to bonds to currencies. On today’s podcast NAB’s Ray Attrill says its fears of regulatory change that will quickly motivate investors to move money.

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Real yields reach lows, vaccine reach slows

Major earnings results could help give equity markets more strength, but, on today’s podcast, NAB’s Rodrigo China’s regulatory uncertainty and slowing recovery rates are adding caution. All eyes will be on the Fed’s response later in the week.

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Random Stuff

Risk back on with rebound expectations

Oil, equities, bond yields – all back up today. On today’s podcast NAB’s David de Garis says the focus is on reopenings and recovery.

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Steve Bannister Pours Cold Fusion on Climate Deniers

Steve Bannister talks through his climate model and how it shows that we need to find a new cheap source of energy, fast.

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Monopolies – a Necessary Evil?

All companies do not have to be an equal size for perfect competition. Steve Keen argues that the best outcomes occur when businesses form a “power law” structure.

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