Month: June 2010

Plan B for the NBN

If there’s a change in government at the next election we know the National Broadband Network will be ditched. So is there another way of achieving the objective of providing ubiquitous high speed broadband across the country?

Tiger Woods, Mark McInnes. Are You Next?

Think about Mark McInnes and Tiger Woods, then look at how you behave at work. Could you be next in the firing line?

Opinion Polls and Share Prices Are Killing Our Future

Could short-term thinking be wrecking our future? Miriam Lyons gives her thoughts, fresh back fro the 2020 Summit,

Should GST Be Higher?

John Brogden says we should push up the level of GST to replace existing differential state taxes that distort behaviour and deliver no benefit to the economy.

The Seven Deadly Sins of Twitter

A fun conversation with Scott Stratten that serves as a useful set of guidelines for those starting out on Twitter, and it might bring some home truths to those who use it regularly.

Kevin Rudd’s Biggest Mistake

Joshua Gans says part of Kevin Rudd’s problem was that he didn’t listen to academics and suggests that a little more private debate before launching policies might have avoided the unfavourable responses to some well meaning endeavours.

NBN’s big new deal

Confused by the detail of the Heads of Agreement between Telstra and NBN Co? In this week’s Twisted Wire we explain what has been agreed, what impact it will have and what we need to watch out for as the agreement progresses to its final stage.

5 Social Media Essentials For Business

Brian Solis says every department in your business that has external interactions will need to use social media to communicate with their respective communities.

Does Your Company Make a Difference?

 Tim Sanders says we are going through a responsibility revolution, where the motivation for a company is not just about selling stuff, it’s also about making the world a better place.

Are We Lost In Our Work?

Dalton Conley says we’re really engaging in “weisure” — a cross between work and leisure that is consuming more and more of our time.

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