Month: May 2011

Analysis Without Paralysis

Has your company deployed BI? Is is it all a load of BS? Microsoft’s Marcy Larsen says it works best in companies driven by KPIs.

The life expectancy of fibre

Armidale might be live, but for how long? Will the fibre need replacing in 20 to 25 years?

Fixing Up a BERD Brained Scheme

More than half of all business expenditure on R&D (BERD) is in the manufacturing and mining industries. Is the government missing the point?

The Gamification of Business

How we relate to our customers is now influenced a lot by how we play online games.

Apple is Most Valuable Brand. So What?

Apple is the most valuable brand in the world, according to the recent Brand Z index, knocking Google off the top spot.

To Inform or To Persuade?

Steve Herzberg says the art of sales is to make people feel like they have decided independently to do exactly what you’d like them to do!

Mapping the truth on coverage

The first few months of this year saw a massive increase in mobile complaints to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman. It seems carriers are not living up to their promises — and most of those promises are made on their mobile coverage maps.

On today’s Twisted Wire, Teresa Corbin, CEO of Australian Communications Consumer Action Network, says there are known black spots that are not showing up on carriers coverage maps. Yet Telstra at least says its maps are accurate. Max Jennings, Telstra’s director of Wireless Network Engineering, says the telco continually tracks usage of each mobile cell to ensure they match up to the levels promised on its coverage maps.

In the UK, according to an investigation by The Sunday Times, when applying for permission to build new towers, Vodafone and O2 provided different information to local councils than they made publicly available to consumers. Does that happen here?

Crowdsourcing could be one way of measuring the quality of network coverage and performance. On today’s program I talk to Sina Khanifar from Her firm has produced an Android app that tracks performance from your phone and maps it, along with other user data, to produce heat maps for various networks.

I ask this week whether the regulator has a role to provide in ensuring that accurate maps of network performance (not just coverage) are provided to consumers. As you’ll hear on the program, although it sounds like a good idea in principle, it would be highly problematic to implement.

First published on ZDNet

Another Budget With the Wrong Objective

Should ridding ourselves of government debt really be priority number one? David Richardson from The Australia Institute says not.

Federal Budget 2011: The Quick Guide

There wasn’t a lot of depth to this year’s budget. Wayne Swan warned us that it would be a tough budget, but it wasn’t that tough.

One Billion New Workers. How Many Do We Need?

Over the next 20 years the working population will increase by one billion people. That’s a lot of competition for jobs.

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