Month: June 2011

Free Trade with India

India is already Australia’s third biggest export market, accounting for 8 percent of our total exports. So what will change with a free trade agreement?

Reverse Mortgages Moving Forward

More Aussies in their retirement are releasing capital from equity tied up in the family home. What does that mean to your inheritance?

Realising the benefits of e-health

Providing a high speed broadband network is perhaps the easiest part of delivering an efficient e-health system for Australia.

Five Software Short-cuts

Productivity guru Debbie Mayo-Smith reckons we waste as much as two weeks a year on repetitive tasks that could be performed quicker by the software we already use.

What Retailers Want

The Productivity Commission is undertaking an inquiry into the structure and performance of the Australian retail industry.

The Truth on Carbon Tax and Job Losses

Job losses claimed as part of an emissions trading scheme can be misleading – they often relate to jobs that haven’t been created yet.

Towards a Smarter Nation

Does Australia have a tendency to look simplistically at complex issues,then draw the wrong conclusion?

Why IT Shouldn’t Wait for the Big Guys

IT types often think that minimising the number of vendors is a smart way to operate, because it reduces risk and integration issues. Are they right?

Five Steps to Effective Marcomms

Marketing communications need to be so much more sophisticated these days — we have more channels, more feedback mechanisms, more distractions.

No Great Expectations

Life in Australia might not be slipping back to the living standards of Dickensian Britain — or even modern day Britain — but there are signs that economic growth here is faltering.

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