Month: January 2012

Vivid’s wireless windfall

Senator Stephen Conroy’s undertaking on the pricing of wireless spectrum renewals seems to offer a very favourable deal to Vividwireless. What’s going on?

The $4bn digital dividend

Later this year the Australian Communications and Media Authority will auction off some of the spectrum facilitated by the digital TV switchover. On Twisted Wire we look at how it will be sold, who will bid and how much they can expect to pay.

Too few players on NBN’s level field?

Michael Malone, Simon Hackett and Mike Quigley discuss whether the structure of the National Broadband Network forced Internode’s sale to iiNet.

NBN: 4K down, 7 million to go

This week, the National Broadband Network Company (NBN Co) rather foolishly announced that it had achieved 4000 connections — when its own corporate plan had 35,000 connections by last June. No wonder they got hammered by the press.

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