Month: February 2014

WiFi – the next great disruptor?

Could Wi-Fi be the game changer when it comes to who yields the most power in the mobile space?

Mobile networks in the cloud

Phone companies that used to connect us up so we could talk to each other and now getting entwined in a very sophisticated world of applications, big data, automation and M2M communication. Will virtualised network functionality help them rise to the challenge?

Should ISPs worry about Foxtel?

Sometime soon Foxtel will become an ISP. Should other ISPs be worried? After all, when BSKyB tried it in the UK with Sky Broadband, they became the second biggest ISP in the country.

Is FTTdp worth waiting for?

Fibre to the distribution point (FTTdp) is not featured in the mix of technologies for the NBN rollout. Should it be?

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