Is FTTdp worth waiting for?

Last year’s Strategic Review by NBNCo suggested using a mix of technologies to deliver faster broadband across the country including Fibre to the Node, HFC, Fibre to the Premises, fixed wireless and satellite.

But engineer Craig Watkins reckons there’s one option missing that needs to be considered: Fibre to the distribution point (FTTdp). It is mentioned in the plan, but only as a successor to FTTN. Paul Brooks from Layer 10 Consulting suggests that’s because G.Fast, the technology that offers fibre-like speeds over FTTdp, won’t be ready for a number of years. Yet Stefan Hirscher, the Marketing Manager for FTTdp at Lantiq, says they already have customers connected.

Alcatel Lucent are big proponents of the fibre to the most economic point argument. So, we ask Stefaan van Hastel, their Marketing Director for the Wireline Division, just when FTTdp will make economic sense? Is it worth waiting for?

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