Month: May 2014

May the Wi-FI Wars Commence

Telstra is building 8,000 new Wi-Fi access points across the country. Less than a week later iiNet has announced free Wi-Fi will be available in Canberra. Is this a new battleground?

How connected cars will change our lives

So, where will all the buzz around connected cars take us? Self driving cars, perhaps? And where in all of this does the telecommunications provider fit in?

Is Hockey creating the real emergency?

In his budget Joe Hockey is cutting little from Labor’s spending, but expecting a massive hike in revenue.

Out with TUSMA, now, in with a new USO

The government is closing down the Telecommunications Universal Service Management Agency. So who is responsible for maintaining the USO now – and doesn’t it need updating?

Small Cells and pCells – can mobile win on speed and cost?

People are deploying pCells in places where the operator plans to directly compete with cable and DSL providers for home services. Perhaps fixed to mobile substitution has begun.

NBN: Fixing the Delays and Disappointments

The process of moving customers from the legacy network to the NBN has been far from seemless. Yet some areas are about to be switched off. Are they ready?

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