Month: November 2014

Doesn’t a 2030 Vision Need Fibre?

A group of Australian interests wants to create its own vision, of communications for 2030. Will it be achievable with the mixed technology approach being taken by the NBN?

Are Three NBNs Better Than One?

The latest from the CommsDay NBN Rebooted forum, which included lively debate about the merits of infrastructure competition.

The Metadata Bonanza

Two years of metadata could be great news for lots of people – not just law enforcement agencies, but for courts wanting to subpoena evidence – even content owners wanting to trace potential copyright infringers.

Why radio regulation needs to change

Today’s radio ratings – which again show marginal shifts in a tired industry – demonstrate that now, more than ever, this is need for an overhaul.

The Nitty Gritty of the MetaData Bill

How your web browsing history could be tracked by enforcement agencies, even though the Bill tabled in parliament said it will not be required.

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