Month: April 2015

Did New Zealand get it right on broadband?

Australia and New Zealand embarked on high speed broadband roll-outs around the same time. Their approach, it seems, is cheaper, faster – with more reliance on fibre – and has been quicker to deploy.

Price could kill the NBN, not the speed

NBN detractors only question whether it’ll deliver the speed we demand. It’s less of an issue than the question of price.

Is the NBN Fast Enough For Home Workers

Is the NBN being designed in a way that will boost productivity by encouraging more of us to work from home?

How Dallas Buyers Lost the Battle They Won

The copyright owners for the movie Dallas Buyers Club won a court battle against iiNet this week, but the ruling could scupper any plans for speculative invoicing. So, it’s really a loss for them.

Will you be paying for Netflix, whether you want to or not?

Netflix has arrived in Australia. They’ll make a lot of money, whilst network providers will have to provide the capacity to meet the demand and pass the costs on. So is everyone paying for Netflix, whether they use it or not?

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