Month: May 2015

Hong Kong Takes Fibre to the Curtain

Hong Kong Telecom is offering many new services facilitated by its rolllout of fibre broadband, which now reaches 80 percent of households. Is this a model Australia needs to consider?

Time for a rethink on the USO?

Should the USO be the responsibility of the NBN. Or should we go one step further and do away with it altogether, particularly as more people are moving to mobile and ditching their landlines.

Why Verizon wants to buy AOL

Verizon is buying AOL not just for customer numbers, its largely to do with mobile advertising. Is this a space that more telcos should be playing in?

Why the sudden need for scale?

There’s a lot of takeovers in the telco sector right now. What’s driving this need for scale and how much is being driven by the arrival of the NBN.

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