Month: June 2015

The Internet of What Things?

The Internet of Things is going to be big, but is it going to be useful. And how many of the ideas being showcased are commercially viable? And what of privacy?

Broadband and mobile are growing, but is it fast enough?

Australia’s broadband is growing slower than most OECD countries. We are paying a premium, but not getting the service. Why is that?

Will new contracts fix NBN’s rollout problems?

NBN’s history has been blighted by poor relationships with construction contractors. Has the new team fixed the problem?

Why Sydney house prices will fall. And by how much.

Sydney housing is sitting on a knife edge. It’s close to being the least affordable it’s ever been, and it’s achieved that with the lowest ever interest rates.

Copyright law will help the Government’s website blocking

A government review has concluded that there are only minor changes needed to how agencies enforce website blocking, but it seems to ignore the impending changes to copyright law.

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