The Internet of What Things?

Last week the Communications Alliance workshopped issues that will arise from the Internet of Things – technically and regulatory. But do we have a clear vision of what the IoT is?

A survey this month from Progress software showed that more than half of developers didn’t use the term Internet of Things, largely because they found it meaningless. Our guests on CrossTalk this week agree that data is at the heart of it, and it’s that data that raises the most ethical questions, particularly if, in a Google-like fashion, the revenues from the IoT largely come from selling that data or targeting marketing activity based on it. Could the utilities often talked about – like health, smart-homes and smart-cars, just be a small slice of the internet of things, where marketers go crazy with your data?

This week we hear from:
John Stanton from the Communications Alliance
Rob Zagarella, National Narrowband Network Communications
Ian Davidson, GoFar
Will Scully Power, Datarati
Paul Brooks, Internet Australia
and Andres Torres, Ericsson

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