Month: August 2019

What went wrong at Bretton Woods. Time for another meeting?

Bretton Woods aimed to encourage international trade by stabilising currencies. Today, we are as far from that aim as you can imagine. So what went wrong?

Germany to spend, Huawei to extend and Boris to block

Is Germany ready to spend its way out of a recession? Is the US economy weakening further? What’s going wrong in New Zealand? Three questions put to NAB’s Tapas Strickland on today’s Morning Call podcast.

China’s retaliation and Europe’s big bazooka add to the bond rally

More US China trade concerns have knocked bond yields still further, along with an ECB member suggesting a bazooka of stimulus measures is on the way. Phil Dobbie discusses it all with NAB’s Gavin Friend.

Bond yields and equities dive on bad economic news from China and Germany

Bond yields and equities take a big hit on poor numbers from China and Germany. On today’s Morning Call podcast Phil Dobbie asks NAB’s Alex Stanley whether the trade dispute is having a bigger impact than expected.

Tariff delays bring swift response; higher CPI in US, higher wages in UK, disastrous ZEW from Europe

A sharp turnaround in market sentiment after the US delays extra tariffs. NAB’s Tapas Strickland says it could be President Trump responding to falling equity markets, but uncertainty over tariffs remains.

Argentina’s election shock, Hong Kong’s airport closure and other stories of unrest

Troubles in Hong Kong and an electoral defeat in Argentina add to the sense of unease on the markets today. NAB’s Ray Attrill take us through it on today’s Morning Call podcast.

An economic model that includes energy

Imagine an economy without energy. Most economic theory ignores it, or at least downplays its influence. Steve keen is working with others to create a more realistic model.

NAB revises forecasts as trade tensions rise, Pound pummelled, Salvini fires election salvo

Rodrigo Catril talks through NAB’s revised forecasts for the Aussie dollar in light of the weakening Yuan and the growing trade uncertainty. Plus, the rest of the days market news, on the Morning Call podcast.

China fixes whilst Trump fiddles

China is helping quell trade and currency concerns. NAB’s Tapas Strickland takes me through the market reaction, including a strengthening Aussie dollar.

Germany and NZ send markets on a rollercoaster

session high on volatility, spurred on by bad German data and rate cuts by central banks.

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