Month: January 2020

Farage’s Pathetic Brexit

Balls Radio suggests Farage’s farewell to the EU parliament shows how low the UK can go

Virus hits equities, slower growth for US, BoE on hold

NAB’s Gavin Friend suggests Corona news could turn markets either way. Meanwhile, the BoE keeps rates on hold and US growth falls further from President Trump’s 3 percent target.

Corona is not the Zombie Apocalypse.

Is Corona as bad as we think it is, or worse. Or somewhere in between? Balls Radio isn’t quite sure, on this and so many other things.

FOMC on hold, BoE go next, US GDP tonight, Corona virus spreads

FOMC on hold, but will the BoE follow suit? NAB’s Tapas Strickland also looks ahead to the first read of US Q4 GDP.

A properly punctuated Brexit

Two big controversies of the day – the Huawei decision, and the missing comma on the Brexit coin. Balls Radio has it all covered.

Markets rethink Corona risk; Aussie CPI today

Equities rebound – but, on today’s podcast, NAB’s Ray Attrill wonders whether it’s the calm before the next part of the storm over Corona news.

Davos does diddly-squat

Davos delivered nothing – I ask @Profsdtevekeen what should be done about climate change on today’s #debunkingeconomics podcast.

Freedom for Fleetwood

Balls Radio is back! Today it’s Brexit, plus could HS2 be canned in favour of a neew rail link to Fleetwood?

Spreading virus extends risks, Aussie hit hard

Uncertainty over the spread of the Corona virus hits all market classes, including a big fall in the Aussie dollar. NAB’s David de Garis talks through the reaction and looks ahead to today’s NAB Business Survey.

Virus concerns spread, RBA rate cut might be delayed

Growing risk-off mood on Corona virus spread. NAB’s Gavin Friend on this, plus Aussie employment, the ECB strategy and big day for PMIs.

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