Month: March 2020

Do we need a Corona bond?

Stimulus from central banks and governments go nowhere near seeing us through the #COVID19 crisis, argues @ProfSteveKeen. So, what do we do?

A pandemic and an emergency cut with more help needed

The UK declared an emergency rate cut coordinated by government stimulus. We expect to hear Australia’s response today. But what of Europe and the US? NAB’s David de Garis on today’s Morning Call podcast.

Is technology the only real driver of growth?

Can you have continual growth without innovation? Is that why we’re not seeing growth? I ask @profstevekeen on today’s Debunking Economics podcast.

Waiting, waiting, waiting on stimulus news

NAB’s Tapas Strickland says the market rebound has been driven by hopes that the White House will provide short-term stimulus measures – but will the President deliver?

Washing our hands of it all

You need to wash your hands for 20 seconds, less if you are the President because his hands are so much smaller. Balls Radio on coping with the virus.

A turn for the worse – oil plunge sparks Black Monday

Massive drops in oil prices and shares. NAB’s Rodrigo Catril talks through the potential domino effects and the continuing impact of COVID19.

Oil price battle will add to volatility

Nothing like an oil price war to add to the COVID19-induced volatility. NAB’s Ray Attrill at the start of another choppy week for the markets.

And back to the safe havens

After yesterday’s recovery, markets continue their journey south today. NAB’s Gavin Friend says this nervousness will continue for some time yet.

From Wuhan with Love

On Balls Radio the shocking news that the virus has delayed the release of the new James Bond movie. Plus, lots of people are dying. There is that.

Markets rest hope on government stimulus

The Bank of Canada follows the Fed with a big cut. Equities on the rise. NAB’s David de Garis suggests its likely driven by hopes of government fiscal stimulus.

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