NAB – The Morning Call · Manufacturing climbs; time out for Tik Tok

Manufacturing climbs; time out for Tik Tok

Tuesday 4th August 2020

here was a lot of optimism in the markets overnight, driven by strong manufacturing numbers in the US and Europe, the slow down in new COVID-19 cases in America, the hope that President Trump will be able to push on with some sort of fiscal stimulus and the success of the tech sector. As NAB’s David de Garis says, it’s looking fine if you ignore bank earnings and the continued lockdowns around the world. And the risk that the President fails in his endeavours and the US falls over the fiscal cliff. On today’s podcast there’s also discussion on the RBA’s latest forecasts due out this week, and today’s retail numbers for Australia. Oh, and Tik Tok. Sell to an Americna company or leave. That’s the ultimatum.

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