Month: September 2020

Strong US data with no room for Chicken Lickens

Strong numbers out of the US but, on today’s podcast, NAB’s Gavin Friend warns the pace of US jobs growth is slowing. Meanwhile the pound is up on Brexit hopes, the Aussie up on strong China PMI numbers.

Introducing People’s Bonds, putting government debt to work

Could some of the bonds issued y government be given to people as a form of basic income? So, when times are tough, government debt is highest, and people get more? I discuss the idea with @profstevekeen o the latest Debunking Economics podcast.

No more heroes anymore

Fiscal stimulus looks even more unlikely says NAB’s David de Garis, whilst Brexit hopes in the UK rise. Meanwhile China’s PMI numbers and RBA credit numbers will be of interest to Aussie investors.

Taxing issues don’t hold back risk sentiment

The US President’s tax returns may influence some voters, says NAB’s Tapas Strickland, but it didn’t deter positive sentiment which saw a broad-based gain in equities in the US and Europe.

Courting support ahead of election debates

This week will be more about geopolitics than economic data says NAB’s Ray Attrill, with USA election debates and Brexit talks (again).

The practicality of a job guarantee

Would a job guarantee resolve the battle between inflation and unemployment? Conventional economists argue that when the labour market is tight – and there are few jobs to go around – people ask for more money and that creates inflation. When there are very few jobs – like now – inflation is much lower. The counter argument, from Modern Monetary Theorists, is that a job guarantee would reduce this flux, whilst improving the lifestyles and wellbeing of the population. This week Phil Dobbie asks Steve Keen whether the MMT have got the logic right and, even if they have, can it be practically applied?

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Are bailouts bygones?

Shares have been up and down on the forlorn hopes of a stimulus deal. NAB’s Gavin Friend says as the mood darkens, minds are focused on Capitol Hill for any signs of hope.

Aussie dollar dips lower as risk sentiment rises

The Aussie dollar has been hit hard by global uncertainty? NAB’s Ray Attrill is asked whether the prediction of 74 US cents by the year end still stands.

Powell asks for support, Debelle hints at easing, NAB revises rates forecasts

Jerome Powell has reiterated the need for more fiscal stimulus in the US, whilst Guy Debelle hinted that more monetary easing was just round the corner for the RBA. Tapas Strickland says NAB has revised its rate forecast.

Equities fall, bond yields weaken, virus concerns rise

Money laundering, US election worries, rising virus cases, lockdowns, Brexit – Gavin Friend says the rest of the world has a lot to worry about, so what stance will Guy Debelle take today, given Australia has less concerns.

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