NAB – The Morning Call · Aussie dollar dips lower as risk sentiment rises

Aussie dollar dips lower as risk sentiment rises

Thursday 24th September 2020

NAB had forecast that the Aussie dollar would reach 74 US cents by the end of the year. It did earlier this month but, as global risk sentiment rises, it is rapidly losing ground. On his first day back from holidays, NAB’s Ray Attrill is asked whether he still thinks the Aussie will regain strength, given the hit it has been taking this week? How much of it is down to the easing expectations for the RBA? The risk-off mood is being driven by rising virus concerns and louder voices from the Fed on the need for a fiscal stimulus which looks less likely by the day. To add to global concerns, flash PMI numbers for Europe show a service sector in contraction, putting the kibosh on rapid recovery hopes.

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