NAB – The Morning Call · Markets take a hit as Trump ditches stimulus talks

Markets take a hit as Trump ditches stimulus talks

Wednesday 7th October 2020

There’s been a strong reaction in the equity and currency markets to Donald Trump’s sudden decision to stop talks about a fiscal stimulus, even though he tweeted about the need for it whilst in hospital over the weekend. NAB’s Rodrigo Catril wonders whether he’s serious, or is it a last minute bargaining tactic? It comes after the Fed’s Jerome Powell warned that too little fiscal support would lead America to a weak recovery. All this at a time when Biden seems to be pulling away in the polls. Meanwhile, the RBA and Australia government are more in-tune on the need for stimulus to create and retain jobs, whilst the ECB is sounding more dovish. And Brexit talks – the reports are mixed. Deadlines are getting pushed back.

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