NAB – The Morning Call · One deal down, two to go

One deal down, two to go

Monday 4th December 2020

OPEC+ has struck a deal to slowly increase oil production from next month, rather than letting the production cuts fall off a cliff. NAB’s Tapas Strickland says they will also monitor progress and make adjustments accordingly. That’s helped the oil price this morning, but the two other deals on the table remain in limbo. Talks over the post Brexit EU-UK trade deal remain in gridlock. The pound has remained resiliently strong, although it’s lost a little ground as doubt creeps in over last minute talks. The US fiscal stimulus deal seems to be edging slowly forward, although the size of it might be reduced in the rush for a compromise. Meanwhile equity markets have hit new highs as investors see through the rise in US infections, hospitalisations and fatalities, an dingore weaker ISM numbers. Perhaps tonight’s non-farm payrolls are a less important too. It’s less about the “now” and more about the “what next”.

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