Rishi, small businesses need a strategy

Wednesday 17th February 2021

There is hope in the air that we are on our way out of this wretched pandemic and on Monday we’ll hear from the Prime minister with his timetable for easing lockdowns. The hope is that as we emerge from our cocoons, we’ll start spending again. But the economy will be left with a festering sore that will take a long time to heal. Government assistance has been made available to help businesses make it through the dark times, but its been a little haphazard and there are no clear signs that the help will continue for much longer. In today’s podcast Phil Dobbie asks whether some of the schemes for small business should be available all the time, pandemic or otherwise. And Liz Barclay from Back in Business says what we desperately need from the government is a strategy for business, that gives confidence to investors and provides a surety of income for operators.  

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