The long road to freedom; plus the upshot from the Uber case

Tuesday 23rd February 2021

Boris Johnson has announced his caution plans for the UK economy to return to normal. By mid July it could all be over, unless, of course, it isn’t. Today we ask is he being too cautious or is this the only sensible way to progress. Either way, its going to take a long time.

We also look at the Supreme Court ruling on Uber drivers last week, that determined they were workers employed by Uber, not self-employed people simply using an app.  Ben Wilmott, head of policy at CIPD, says the government needs to push ahead with clarifying the employment status of all people, but its complicated.

The role of central banks has become more complicated too. They have been happily buying up government bonds to keep the cost of borrowing down. Now bond yields are rising will they have to do even more to keep things under control.

And as Canada prepares to follow Australis down the road of charging Facebook for links to news sites, we hear from a former Aussie PM who says its the Murdoch press, not Facebook, that’s the real issue here.

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