Innovation, pricing and policy are key to a greener future

Wednesday 24th February 2021

Boris Johnson hosted the UN Security Council yesterday, where climate change was discussed as a threat to global security issue. Unsurprisingly, little was achieved, but at least it gave the US an opportunity to show that they are back at the table when it comes to climate talks. This just days after Texas was hit be severe storms, causing power outages and food and water shortages. Today energy economist Nick Butler joins Phil Dobbie to discuss what went wrong in Texas and how we can effectively tackle climate change. Energy pricing and innovation are key, but public policy will be a significant influence he says.

Also, today a review of the morning’s front pages, how the US Fed’s Jerome Powell has calmed the markets, why Elon Musk’s title as the worlds richest man has been short lived, and why Michael Bolton sings about trading platforms.  

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