Month: February 2021

Multi-year highs for the Aussie Dollar and Sterling, whilst US yields shoot higher

The Aussie dollar is rising faster than anticipated, says NAB’s Ray Attrill as the reflation trade pushes commodities higher. Both the Aussie dollar and Sterling hit multi-year highs on Friday.

Facebook’s blockade, Cruz’s escape and Starmer’s crazy bond plan

Today Paul Wallbank on the Facebook blockade, plus Keir Starmer’s bond plans, and Ted Cruz’s dash from the cold lands him in hot water.

US equities fall, pound rises ahead of Boris’ escape plan

US equities fall in the US. NAB’s David de Garis says a rise in new jobless claims has acted as reminder of how sluggish the employment recovery is. Meanwhile the pound is gaining strength as markets wait to hear Boris Johnson’s escape plan from the UK’s lockdown.

Who pays for a free press?

Has the Facebook saga in Australia demonstrated that social media players yield too much control? Or ha sit demonstrated that the media needs to be smarter about how it monetises content? I don’t exactly see eye to eye with @Profstevekeen on this.

We need tax reform, but will we get it?

Government debt was rising well before COVID. Does this signal a need for tax reform, if so how? The @FT’s @martinwolf_ on today’s I’s the Business podcast.

The US: more shopping, higher producer prices

Positive jobs numbers will add to the power of the reflation trade, whilst rising producer prices can add to those arguing inflation fears. Plus, NAB’s Gavin Friend gives us the latest from the FOMC minutes.

Rishi, small businesses need a strategy

The governments support for small business during the crisis has been haphazard. Liz Barclay says they now need to come up with a cohesive strategy, to see us out of the pandemic and well beyond.

Treasury yields rise sharply as reflation rolls on

A positive vibe says NAB’s Rodrigo Catril, tempered by inflation concerns and higher yields. Treasury yields are now back around pre-pandemic levels.

The Government’s Irreversible Debt

There’s no point in governments expecting to return to a balanced budget. On today’s It’s the Business podcast Petronus Partners CEO @PaulJKavanagh1 says the link between taxation and spending has been severed. So, what happens now?

US rest day can’t stop reflation

Vaccine rollouts and lower case numbers have egged-on the reflation trade, even with the US on holiday. NAB’s Ray Attrill explains why Japan’s stronger than expected GDP has weakened the Yen and why rising oil prices are the fly in the ointment.

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