Month: February 2021

Inflation debate over Biden’s stimulus as jobs growth disappoints

Disappointing jobs numbers from the US on Friday is positive news for Joe Biden’s stimulus package, says NAB’s Rodrigo Catril. But will $1.9 trillion of stimulus be inflationary?

The earth is round, and Google is bigger than Australia

Two massive legal battles – Smartmatic takes on the Murdoch media, whilst Murdoch and the Aussie government take on Google and Facebook. Plus, the latest from the Bank of England and a better way of managing hotel quarantines.

US and UK blossom, as Euro struggles

Today’s moves reinforce the emerging story of two destinies, says NAB’s Gavin Friend on today’s morning Call. It’s the US and UK, versus a trailing Europe, driven largely by vaccine rollouts.

New Zealand, first out? Mario’s return. Oil at pandemic high.

Could New Zealand and Australia be any different right now? With NZ’s unemployment much lower, NAB’s Ray Attrill is asked whether the RBNZ might have to consider inflation sooner rather than later.

Who were the bad guys in the Redditt Wall Street Rebellion?

Steve Keen says the real culprits were the Robin Hood trading platform. Find out why in thisd week’s podcast.

Philip Lowe set to explain the dovish RBA stance

Despite the improvements on the economy and fiscal position the RBA is maintaining its aggressive easing, says NAB’s Rodrigo Catril. He suggest why on today’s podcast, whilst we wait to hear from Philip Lowe later today.

Mutant Strains and Share Gains

“Social media is here and the markets have to live with it” – Rodney Hobson on the Redditt saga, plus the vaccine race and Virgin Galactic shares take off.

Moving on from GameStop, back to abnormality

After the GameStop episode, silver has been the Redditt focus of this trading session says NAB’s David de Garis, but it has been a more regular session, with shares bouncing back across the board.

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