Month: March 2021

Markets Rally Ahead of Biden’s Philly Talk

Markets rally ahead of Biden’s spending announcement in Philadelphia. NAB’s Tapas Strickland says we know most of what will be said, and shares are rallying on the hope.

Royal Mail Delivers, Deliveroo More Doubtful

Royal Mail will do well overseas, but what about the domestic business. I ask @StreeterNews. The future is less bright for Deliveroo. Where is the vison in their Prospectus? Plus Bitcoin on Paypal. A game changer?

Biden the builder

It’s hard to reduce the overnight action into a soundbite says NAB’s Ray Attrill, with quarter end, a big rise in US consumer confidence and anticipation of Biden’s infrastructure plan today.

Websites by Numbers

Who really pays for the collapse of Archegos Capital? Plus, is your web presence doing the best it can? Today @dickendoe from @Foolproof_UX talks about how data can drive improvements by understanding your customer better.

Open for business

With risk aversion from yesterday’s block trade gone, and the Ever given floated, NAB’s Gavin Friend says attention will focus on price pressures, starting with Germany’s preliminary inflation numbers for March later today.

If you gamble, you lose

Today, Rodney Hobson on the FCA’s concerns that too many inexperienced people are gambling on shares. Plus, the massive block trade on Friday and the loss in value of the company behind Andrew Neil’s GB News. And, have we reached peak-China?

Block trades and blocked trade

Month/quarter end and supply concerns added to volatility on Friday says NAB’s David de Garis, but the direction is clearly risk-on. Biden’s infrastructure plan could add to that this week.

The fallacy of the supply curve

Last week @profstevekeen showed why the law of demand was useless. This week on the Debunking Economics podcast he pulls apart the supply curve.

Savings will slow the bounce back

We are going to be more cautious with our money post COVID says Rachel Springall from @Moneyfacts_couk. Plus, Britain’s $13 billion tech company. And lockdowns for longer?

Mixed sentiment sees markets move sideways

Markets are being pulled in two directions says NAB’s Gavin Friend. It’s the prospect of an economic reopening, versus the slow-down in vaccine rollouts in Europe. But Biden has doubled his vaccine target for his first 100 days. Meanwhile, oil rises further as the Suez stays closed.

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