Don’t reopen, relaunch

Wednesday 17th March 2021

Those who are expecting nosiness to come flying in through the door as lockdown measure ease might be sorely disappointed. You need to work on regaining your customer’s trust and accept that consumer behaviour might have changed. One piece of advice from entrepreneur Richard Crawford Small is that just shouldn’t just reopen the doors, you should use this as an opportunity to relaunch your brand. It’s one of six things to consider that he covers off in today’s podcast.

Also, Matthias Corman is the Secretary General elect for the OECD. It might be bad news if it wasn’t for the fact the OECD has very little power or influence. The Royals are all over the newspaper front pages again, and the FOMC, the group within the US Federal Reserve who determine interest rates and QE, meet this evening, our time.

Oh, and you can use the word Memphis again. It was banned by Twitter for a while. We celebrate with eight songs with Memphis in the title – can you name the artists?

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