Flying by the seat of their pants

Friday 19th March 2021

In January the number of passengers travelling through UK airports was 81 percent lower than a year before. That’s after a year where the industry struggled to cut costs and control massive losses. So what shape will the industry be in when it comes out the other side? Phil Dobbie talks to airline industry strategist John Strickland from JLS consulting, who says the sector desperately needs to see a quick return to flying this summer, but admits there are no guarantees.

Maybe the return of holidays in the sun will be expedited by vaccine passports. Ursula von der Leyen has announced a certificate within the EU. Could Britain be asking if they could join in with the Euro-areas scheme?

And tensions are rising between the US and China and the US and Russia. Those who thought Jo Biden might be a soft touch will have to think again. Overnight China has said Xinjiang, Hong Kong and Taiwan are inseparable Chinese territories and they oppose US interference. Watch this space.

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