Eight Ways We Can Win at AI

Tuesday 23rd March 2021

It’s one year ago today that Britain first went into lockdown. Today we look ahead at one industry that could help lead the UK into a brave new world, creating jobs and boosting our GDP – artificial intelligence. But are we a contender to be one of the world leaders inthis space? After all, we seem to have stuffed up attempts at managing large scale data during this pandemic. Seb Krier from Dataphysix says there’s no reason why not. We already are. And we can retain our stronghold if we get the policy settings right. He takes us through what has to change.

Plus, Jerome Powell, governor of the US Federal Reserve Bank, was talking at a BIS seminar yesterday. The topic was digital currencies. We dip into what he had to say about cryptocurrencies in particular, and ask whether central banks are concerned about the impact alternate currencies will have on their ability to use sovereign currencies to fund government debt, of which there’s a lot more these days.

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