Real jobs data and lockdown legacies

Wednesday 24th March 2021

As we head out of lockdown, soonish, which habits adopted in the last 12 months will stay with us. Futurologist Tom Cheesewright has been looking at our spending habits, using data from Barclaycard, and suggests that some of these behaviours will carry-on beyond COVID-19, which could be very good news for our local shops.

Phil Dobbie also looks at yesterday’s job numbers from the ONS and says a fall in the unemployment rate doesn’t represent the real picture – people are continuing to work less even though the roads are busy.

One of the papers today points to Boris Johnson’s criticism of the BBC, mainly because of how they supposedly mocked the Union flag. We look at the BBC Director General’s astonishingly poor performance in front of a Select Committee this week and ask if it’s time for a root and branch review of the organization. The viewing habits of young people is particularly telling.

And now one year on, Britain is recovering from COVID-19 faster than most. A report suggests it’s a less rosy picture in the US which could be heading for the perfect storm of a partially vaccinated population returning to life as it was. 

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