How the Ad Industry Caught COVID

Thursday 25th March 2021

The ad industry was hit as hard as most other industries during the ACOVID crisis. Some sectors, like cinema advertising, had to shut down completely. So how quickly will it bounce back? Phil puts that question to Gideon Spanier, editor in chief of ad-industry journal Campaign. They also discuss how advertisers can achieve cut-through when there are so many media choices, and a consumer spending more time on ad-free subscription content.

Also today, the container vessel that’s blocking world trade. Is this the time to ask, do we rely too much on goods shipped half way round the world. The consequences for the planet are enormous.

Trade in vaccines is also in the spotlight, a the EU drafts a law to block exports to the UK. And why Kim Jong Un chose last night as the time to launch a couple of ballistic missiles. For testing purposes only, of course.

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