Websites by Numbers

Tuesday 30th March 2021

You can make some quick wins on your website to fix obstacles that might be stopping customers buying from you. But when you’ve been through the low hanging fruit, what do you do next? Do you go for a complete site rebuild to fix more fundamental issues? That can be expensive and there’s no guarantee you’ll see enough incremental business to warrant the expense. Today Dicken Doe, from Foolproof, talks through the importance of analysing data to understand customer behaviour and deliver a far more effective outcome for your business.

There’s also more on the block trade yesterday that saw $20 billion sold off in a fire-sale by Archegos Capital. We ask how can this have been allowed to happen, and who really loses from the experience?  Spoiler alert, ordinary shareholders.

Plus, Beth Rigby, riddled with irony. And the blockage in the Suez, does anyone know the financial impact of that little episode?

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