Why we need to save our steel

Thursday 8th April 2021

The UK is a bit player when it comes to steel production. China, for example, produces at least 150 times more than us. But if we want to be assured of quality, and if we want to ensure that it is produced with the least environmental damage, then we need to produce for our domestic needs. That’s the view of David Bailey, professor of Business Economics at Birmingham Business School and a senior fellow at King’s College’s UK in a Changing Europe. Does that mean the government does need to bail out Liberty Steel and accept that the industry will need subsidising, possibly forever?

Also today, the hiccup in vaccine deployments as the Astra Zeneca vaccine is declared vaccine of last resort for the under thirties. COVID-19cases flare up in Michigan. And Deliveroo cyclists have taken to the streets in protest as shares trade openly for the first time.

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