NAB – The Morning Call · Bitcoin stalls, but US economy set to rip

Bitcoin stalls, but US economy set to rip

Monday 19th April 2021

There’s still plenty of positive sentiment around as the US, UK and Europe continue to vaccinate at pace. Europe has picked up pace and now jabbed 20 percent of its adult population.  The Fed’s Christopher Waller said the economy is “set to rip”, with 6.5 percent growth this year. Yet, despite all the positive news, we have been seeing a decline in bond yields. In today’s Morning Call NAB’s Rodrigo Catril suggests it might be because concerns over inflation have been overdone and the market is coming round to the message that the Fed is trying to deliver that any rises will be transitory. Bitcoin dropped 15 percent in value on Friday, with unsubstantiated reports that the US might be clamping down on money laundering. Today is fairly quiet for data releases, with US earnings reports the only numbers of any consequence.

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