A very cloudy summer for tourism

Tuesday 27th April 2021

The Independent’s Travel Editor Simon Calder joins phil Dobbie on today’s podcast to talk about the state of the travel industry in what is likely to be a very disappointing summer all round. Even though Ursula Von der Leyen has said the EU will open up to tourists who have had double vaccinations, it’ll take a while for a lot of the UK to meet that criteria, and there’s also the risk that travellers will face quarantine when they return to home. So, will airlines survive in the meantime? Most will, either by good management or, in the case of Alitalia, lots of propping up by the government.

Also today, briefly, Tesla’s earnings from yesterday, muddied by Elon Musk’s Bitcoin fixation. And a look at the morning’s papers, which are almost all fixated with Boris’ pile ‘em high comments.

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