Navigating out of the COVID crisis

There seems to be an assumption by many that the crisis we have experienced will quickly bounce back. Output will resume, demand will return, everyone will be back in work and the economy will rapidly expand back to where it was before COVID. Central banks appoint to supply chain disruption in the short term that might create transit inflation, but that’s the only obstacle to the road to recovery. Except, it’s not really working that way. There are forecasts for massive growth this year, but there’s not a lot of data to support these predictions. The US jobs recovery, for example, that was expected to see one million new jobs a month, has slowed right down. And yet the IMF expects the economy to grow by 6.4 percent this year, even though more than eight million Americans who had a job before the pandemic are still looking for work. So, what’s the best approach out of the crisis? What should Treasurers and policy makers the world over be focused on. A question Phil Dobbie puts to Steve Keen in this latest Debunking Economics podcast.

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