NAB – The Morning Call · Low volumes, more risk, less inflation concerns

Low volumes, more risk, less inflation concerns

Tuesday 25th May 2021

Equities are back on the rise and bond yields are falling, slightly, as investors seem to have accepted the line of most central banks that inflation is only transitory. The Bank of England’s Chief Economist is one of the few dissenters, but as NAB’s Gavi Friend points out, he has always been hawkish, and he is about to walk out the door anyway. Nonetheless, the inflation debate continues and attitudes could quickly switch. Meanwhile, the Aussie dollar hasn’t gained as much as the NZ dollar from the weakening US dollar, in part because of more noises for China on the need to control speculation in commodities. Today Aussie merchandise trade figures, plus the weekly payrolls report, and the German IFO report.

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