Month: June 2021

NZ GDP, Aussie employment both punch the lights out, but currencies fall

NZ GDP and Aussie employment numbers both punched the lights oujt yesterday. But, as NAB’s David de Garis explains, any currency response was short lived,. As the US dollar climbs higher o the back of the FOMC’s hawkish outlook for the US yesterday.

Has the UK come the raw prawn over free trade?

SCOMO and BOJO have done the deal. But is a UK Australia free trade agreement good for either country?

Fed speeds up rate hike roadmap

The FOMC is predicting two rate rises in 2023. NAB’s Gavin Friend wonders whether the revised growth and inflation forecasts support this shift in position.

Retail sales numbers add to caution ahead of the FOMC

Markets are cautious ahead of the FOMC tomorrow, in part because of weaker retail numbers. But NAB’s Tapas Strickland finds a couple of positives out of those numbers.

Oil nudges higher, bond yields bounce back ahead of FOMC meeting this week

This morning pre-FOMC positioning is the name of the game for bonds and currencies says NAB’s Ray Attrill on this morning’s Morning Call podcast. Plus, the rise of oil to two-year highs. How much further will it go?

Market unphased by US CPI; ECB stays dovish despite upping forecasts

Markets were unphased by higher-than-expected inflation in the US. NAB’s David de Garis says there’s more interest in next week’s FOMC meeting, after a couple of poor payroll reads.

The problem with now

The economy is based on the here and now. Whilst we complain about government debt being a cost to future generations, we don’t invest in future generations if it’ll compromise our current lifestyle. I ask @profstevbeken, is that any way to save the planet!

Inflation – mixed signals and opinions ahead of US CPI

The fall in bond yields overnight is likely to be market positioning ahead of the US CPI numbers today, says NAB’s Tapas Strickland. There’s stil mixed views on where inflation is heading. China’s PPI’s rose sharply and the BoE Andy Haldane said this is a dangerous time for monetary policy.

Markets going nowhere, yet US job openings boom

Markets are calm, as US job openings boom. NAB’s Gavin Friend says there are much lower inflation expectations. Plus why the UK and EU are worried about sausages.

Goldilocks loses a little of her shine

Markets are lurching from one event to another, says NAB’s Ray Attrill. Right now they are treading water ahead of CPI later in the week. Friday’s Goldilocks moment could be very-short lived.

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