Dog Days and Hot Bonds

Canada and the west coast of the US have been hit with extreme heat the last week. The town of Lytton in British Columbia reached 49.5C, the result of a heat dome caused by static high-pressure. It’s another reminder that the world has to act on climate change. This week the ECB’s Christine Lagarde talked about how the EU needs to see around €330 billion every year by 2030 to achieve Europe’s climate and energy target. Couldn’t they just issue this as bonds, in the same way they have with the Pandemic Emergency Purchase Programme? And what about Rishi Sunak’s plan in the UK to issue green bonds for regular households to invest in? Will either of these proposals create new money, or simply redirect spending away from other non-green initiatives. Be prepared for another discussion between Phil Dobbie and Steve Keen on when money is actually created and whether some of the proposals could actually destroy money, hindering our efforts to tackle climate change.

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