Month: November 2021

US continues a slow recovery, Europe’s mounting issues

A quiet session with equities helped by the tech sector and hopes that chip supplies are improving. Whilst the US recovery is happening slowly, there are mounting issues of concern for Europe. NAB’s Gavin Friend takes us through them on today’s Morning Call podcast.

Caution after UK inflation surprise. Will Aussie wages ratchet up?

Today on the Morning Call NAB’s Ivan Colhoun dissects yesterday’s Australian wages data, with David de Garis in London looking at the reasons behind the UK’s surprise rise in consumer prices.

Tills ring in the USA, jobs bounce back in the UK

Retail sales are strong and NAB’s Tapas Strickland says there’s evidence stores are building up inventory levels and stepping up employment. Good news in the UK too, where the end of furlough hasn’t impacted jobs, which have grown in number. That might be just enough fo the BoE to lift rates next month.

Europe’s caution, China’s hope

A nice surprise. NAB’s Rodrigo Catril on China’s activity data. US retail numbers tonight. Will they reflect falling consumer sentiment or the spare cash sitting in people’s bank accounts?

US facing higher prices, more quits, falling sentiment

The 6% headline inflation rate can take the blame for the big fall in consumer sentiment in the US on Friday, says NAB’s Ray Attrill. It’s a headache for the Fed and the Biden administration.

Have a little faith

Part of the fall in the Aussie dollar can be attributed to the weaker than expected jobs numbers yesterday, but NAB’s David de Garis says when you unpack the numbers there was plenty of ground for optimism.

Eye-popping inflation doesn’t faze the Fed

Inflation is hot, says NAB’s Gavin Friend, with a 30 year high for US CPI surprising many because it has been so broad. But it hasn’t fazed the Fed who still have an eye on jobs recovery before they raise rates.

Markets out of steam on inflation day

It’s not obvious why markets are more pessimistic today, but NAB’s Ray Attrill says it’s likely the Fed’s Financial Stability Report has some influence, with shades of Greenspan’s irrational exuberance speech.

Taking a breather

Bond yields have rebounded a little, but equity markets have stalled, despite a lot of positive news. We’ve been here before, says NAB’s Rodrigo Catril. It doesn’t mean equity markets have peaked.

Bond markets wrapped up in a ball of confusion

Despite a plethora of positive news, NAB’s Tapas Strickland says there’s still confusion in rates markets as central banks have wrong-footed investors with a switch to a more dovish outlook.

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