NAB – The Morning Call · Looking ahead to a better 2022

Looking ahead to a better 2022

Wednesday 22nd December 2021

There was a lot more positive sentiment in the markets overnight. NAB’s Rodrigo Catril says it’s all down to Omicron news, with infection rates falling in South Africa and hopes that a pill can stave off the worst for people who catch it. If the news is as positive as all that, how will; markets fare in 2022. How quickly will China bounce back, given their zero-COVID policy will still force shutdowns. What will happen to inflation is consumer demand improves but supply chain bottlenecks remain? What actions will central banks take and will any step too far when it comes to balance sheet reductions? And what will happen with the Great Resignation, if there continue to be many more jobs than people to fill them? One thing we can be certain of, even if COVID dies down next year, uncertainty remains.

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