Month: December 2021

Banks sit on their hands, whilst UK covers their faces

News from Pfizer on the efficacy of a third jab against Micron has steered markets to a place where it would take significant alternative news to change the views of the market that the new strain will do little to stop an economic recovery, says NAB’s Gavin Friend.

Omicron’s not so bad, markets hope

More hope that Omicron might be a mild strain has helped markets, but NAB’s Gavin Friend says its efficacy reports from a GlaxoSmithKline vaccine that have boosted market sentiment today. Plus, Ivan Colhoun on yesterday’s RBA meeting.

China and Omicron hopes drive a bounce back

Markets have bounced back on easing measures for Chinese banks and hopes that Omicron is a mild strain of the virus. It’s still early says NAB’s Rodrigo Catril and low vaccine levels remain a concern for many economies.

Too tight too quickly?

Despite the rise of Omicron and weaker than expected jobs numbers in the US, the Fed and other central banks seem intent on tightening. Hence tech stocks staking a hit on Friday. NAB’s Tapas Strickland says there are concerns that they might be moving too fast, potentially hindering longer term growth.

Not all contrarians are the same

Bitcoiners and MMTers – two examples of economic contrarians who don’t agree with each other. Prof Steve Keen and I discuss the moves away from the mainstream.

There’s a certain uncertainty

A little bit more positive sentiment today. NAB’s Tapas Strickland says the Omicron news is largely positive, whilst more Fed speakers are pushing for faster tapering. Oil has had a volatile day on mixed signals from OPEC+.

WHO offers a shot in the arm for markets

Markets have been boosted on positive anecdotes around the new COVIDS strain. NAB’s David de Garis says there’s a bucket of news helping give the markets a glass half full view of where we are. It’s hard to keep the stock markets down.

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