NAB – The Morning Call · Rates push ever higher as food prices soar

Rates push ever higher as food prices soar

Monday 11th April 2022

Although there’s clearly volatility in markets, NAB’s Ray Attrill says the common thread is that yields are still rising. Even if the inversion in the curve has dissipated, the fact remains 10-year yields are at multi-year highs as inflation fears grow and central banks respond. Food prices have risen almost 13 percent in one month, even worse if you cook with vegetable oil. This might be reflected in China’s CPI numbers today, and for the US mid-week. The war will have a strong influence on this, and there are no signs it will dissipate anytime soon. Meanwhile several central banks meet this week, including the ECB. Markets are priced for a 50-basis point rate hike by the Bank of Canada.

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