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Is bad news good news these days?

A downgrade to inflation expectations on Friday gave market sentiment a boost. NAB’s Ray Attrill says it’s been taken as a sign that central banks might have to do less to soften demand and a reduced fear in recession risk.

Unconditional commitment, come what may

Weaker data from Europe. NAB’s Ken Crompton says we’re already seeing a watering down of expectations for anything higher than 25bp for the ECB’s first hike, whilst Jerome Powell renews the Fed’s unconditional commitment to do what it takes.

Markets split as Powell admits recession is possible

Despite a rise in US equities for most of the session NAB’s Gavin Friend suggests markets are becoming more attuned to the likelihood of a recession. Jerome Powell’s testimony to the Senate helped fuel that pessimism.

Brighter days ahead

As Australia emerges from the longest night, is the outlook brighter? NAB’s Taylor Nugent says this morning’s positive turn in risk sentiment doesn’t mean recession fears have gone away, it could just be covering of short positions from last week.

Is the RBA preparing to go harder?

On today’s podcast Ray Attrill is asked whether RBA Governor Philip Lowe will talk up the speed and height of rate hikes today, even though he gave 2.5% as a likely top rate only last week on the 7.30 Report. But a week is a long time for central banks lately.

Are there secret men running the world?

Conspiracy theorists reckon secret men are trying to control society by controlling the money supply. I ask @profsteveken, are they right?

Turning up the rhetoric

As commodity demand eases the Aussie dollar is losing value. On today’s podcast NAB’s Rodrigo Catril is asked, with all the recession fears, could it go lower?

Markets go cuckoo as the Swiss clock a half percent hike

Markets are less optimistic today. NAB’s David de Garis says an unexpected half percent rise from the Swiss National Bank might have a bit to do with it. Nobody likes surprises, unless it’s their birthday.

A big step to the soft landing few believe will happen

The Fed lifted rates by 75 basis points and, as NAB’s Ray Attrill points out, they suggested the next meeting will see another 50 or 75 basis point rise. But, will it all lead to a soft landing?

The day before the dots

Markets are pricing in three aggressive rate moves ahead of the FOMC tomorrow. Meanwhile NAB’s Rodrigo Catril says there’s a sense the path for the BoE will be much less given the slowdown in the UK economy. So, where does the RBA sit?

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