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A regular satirical look at what’s going on in the world. For people with a short attention span who want an alternate take on current affairs.

You’ve had your fun, now get back to work

Balls Radio asks, how many people would you be prepared to see die to see the economy back on track? And is David Icke certifiable?

Self-employed go hungry whilst Rishi overthinks it

Rishi Sunak seems to be ignoring the simple answer for the self-employed, An answer so simple even Donald Trump gets it.

The Chinese Virus is Bad News For Trump

The US President seems to be blaming the Chinese for creating the virus and putting responsibility on the State Governors to fix it. So what’s his job, again?

Buybacks, paybacks – the economic answer to the crisis

How the government can get the right amount of money into the hands of those who need it. Plus, how to save companies whilst penalising their greediness.

Washing our hands of it all

You need to wash your hands for 20 seconds, less if you are the President because his hands are so much smaller. Balls Radio on coping with the virus.

From Wuhan with Love

On Balls Radio the shocking news that the virus has delayed the release of the new James Bond movie. Plus, lots of people are dying. There is that.

Dredging up the good old days

THAT woman on Question Time, how the EU is to blame for flooding (allegedly) and should Trump he a stand-up comic when he leaves office? Dredging up the old days on Balls Radio.

The rise of right-wing socialism

Is big-spending Boris really acting like a man of the right? Balls Radio discusses the new brand of fiscal conservatism, on both sides of the Atlantic.

Have you got problems with wind?

Balls radio looks at the UK’s wind problem and provides tangible evidence that it has at least one listener.

Limbaugh – freedom for all (whites and entitled)

Trump gives Rush Limbaugh the highest award possible, for racists. On Balls Radio @ProfSteveKeen discuss this, other horrible people and some beautiful words.

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